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Angie & Robert Morrissey



Most portrait photographers will tell you that they were developing film in the womb, they’re obsessed with beauty (creepy, right?) and that they melt (literally!!) at the love that they see during weddings. We’ll tell you that this was all kind of an accident…


A number of years ago, a tall guy who made a name for himself in commerical photography (hint: we’re now talking about Robert) photographing all kinds of widgets and wadgets and it was pretty boring. One day he was asked by a huge sports league if he wanted to take a bunch of portraits of kids.


Robert, not knowing in the slightest how to pull this off, grabbed his wife (we’re talking about Angie now) and headed out on this new adventure and there was no looking back. Within a year, this accidental business took over. They began doing less and less in-studio work and more and more portraits, and get this - they loved it! 


Many years later and they’ve been featured in lots of things, gone lots of places and met lots of people… but they’ll tell you all about that later because photography is a lot of things, but it’s certainly not about us. We want to know about you. We want you to tell us a story. We’re here to make it look good.




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